About a year ago, I found myself in a position where my business was failing and my debt was mounting. I felt like things were falling in around me. I had just moved to Northern Kentucky, and didn’t know very many people, and I didn’t know how to get out from under my growing pile of debt. Then a friend recommended I call Ben Wolff.

From the start, Ben made me feel like I had hope. When you get to the point of considering bankruptcy, many people often feel ashamed that they got into that position in the first place. I never felt that stigma when I went to his office. Ben did a great job helping me through the process and keeping me updated as my case went through the system. Even after the case was discharged, Ben stayed in contact, letting me know the next steps to take to help rebuild my credit. Ben Wolff is not your stereotypical lawyer, he’s one of the good guys, who wants to help you out of a difficult situation. I would recommend the Wolff practice to any of my friends and family who needed a good bankruptcy attorney.