When I walked into the offices of the Wolff Law Firm, I had not slept in days. I had gotten in over my head due to medical bills and some bad decisions and had been trying to climb out for months. I was so embarrassed to face anyone and admit defeat but saw no way out but to file chapter 7 bankruptcy.

When I met Ben Wolff, he treated me with so much empathy and understanding. I have never quite met a lawyer like him. Throughout the entire process, if I had a question, all I had to do was pick up the phone and call or email; Ben’s response was almost always immediate.

Ben always followed through with his word, always met every deadline or appointment promptly and made sure that I was in the loop with everything he was doing.

My bankruptcy is now discharged and I am starting a whole new life at 53 years old. I have my confidence back and I now have the chance to start my own business that in the past was only a pipe dream.

I hope to treat my future clients as decent and valued as I felt when dealing with Wolff Law Firm. I left their offices not only with a new lease on life but feeling as if I had gained friends as well.

I will never go anywhere else for any of my legal needs and encourage everyone I know to do the same. This firm has the hometown, friend in the business feel that is very hard to find these days.

Go check this firm out. If you do, I guarantee that you will be thankful you did.