Ben Wolff and his team were amazing to work with… I can’t imagine that other lawyers would be as helpful and personable… I can’t thank him enough.

Ben Wolff and his team were amazing to work with. My wife and I had no idea what to expect throughout our bankruptcy period. Ben made sure to keep us in the loop on all points throughout the 5 year process. In addition to the normal payment plans and everything that comes along with all that, we have had several happenings that popped up during our process and Ben was able to attend to and assist with any issues or questions that we had. This includes:

  • Wrecking and totaling out a vehicle that was included with our payment plan
  • Selling our house

Ben helped to make both of these situations as simple as possible for us. We do not know what we would have done had Ben not been able to assist us with both of the situations.

It was a long and challenging road to make it through all of your payments, but we were successful with our plan with Ben’s help and now we are finished with our payments and our Bankruptcy has been discharged. Ben was instrumental in helping us with any questions that we had over the course of payments and offered suggestions of ways to help with our finances. We have already made changes to our financial situation in order to avoid being back in the same place.

Let us be an example for anyone looking for any assistance with bankruptcy. Ben and his firm were beyond anything that we had expected. His team and he are very easy to speak with and they will breakdown all forms or requests from any parties involved into simple to understand terminology. I am very glad that we ended up filing through Ben. I can’t imagine that other lawyers would be as helpful and personable as Ben. He definitely went above and beyond anything that we had imagined.

Bankruptcy is hard enough as it is, you don’t need any other problems to deal with. Ben made this process as simple and easy as he could for us. I can’t thank him enough for that.